Online Curriculum

Planning your coaching sessions has never been so easy. Our on-line curriculum will provide you with a unique coaching tool, allowing you to select exactly what topics you want - fast!


• View our extensive range of games and activities without delay. Select and go within 30 seconds.

Easy To Use

• User friendly site, with simple navigation to find what you want via our 'thumbnail viewer'.

Its Your Choice

• Al-a-Carte menu for the more experienced coach who just wants a specific objective or activity rather than an entire practice.

Library On Demand

• Updated on an ongoing basis, with hundreds of activities available.

Quick & Easy To Search For What You Want

• Search by age specific activites.
• Search by topic e.g. passing, control, goalkeeping, etc.
• Search by activity type e.g. warm-up with ball, technique under passive pressure, etc.
• Build your own session plan by selecting your warm-up, and progressive activities.

Helpful Coaching Advice

• Organization tips, coaching points and progressions provided for each activity.


Take Them With You

• Print out your sessions and take them to the field.


• Online curriculum video support to enhance your coaching activities and practices.





$25 for one year access to our U6 curriculum.

$40 for one year access to either of our U8 / U10 / U12 / U14 curriculums.

$99 for one year access to our complete U6 to U14 curriculums.


How Do I Purchase My Online Curriculum?

Click here to go to our Web-Shop where you can purchase your online curriculum access.


Want More?

• For more information on our Coaching Curriculums and Educational Products contact our office at:

• (888) UKSOCCA /