The 'Inspire' Curriculum

The Inspire Curriculum not only teaches children how to improve as a soccer player, it also helps them to achieve their goals off the field.

Inspiring children means giving them two things:

1. Self-belief (intrinsic motivation)
2. Tools (behaviors) to improve and be successful


The WANT and the HOW to be great...


The methodology our professional coaches follow teaches soccer skills AND develops social (motivational) and self-improvement behaviors in each session. Social, friendship, team and esteem skills are fostered and taught, so creating an environment that is nurturing and intrinsically rewarding for the children; thus enhancing their enjoyment and motivation to participate. Preparation, Focus, Execution and Evaluation behaviors are improved, giving the child the structure and foundation to enhance their abilities in soccer and any other desired activity on and off the field.

The Inspire Practice Area is specifically designed to allow unobstructed sightlines and theater spacing, creating the optimal setting for the child to focus during instruction. It also provides a child the opportunity to go 'Above and Beyond' in breaks.

Inspire Award

For an inspirational moment.


Inspire and the Family

To help us provide the child with the optimal (holistic) soccer experience, parents are given an interactive checklist of our soccer, behavioral and social objectives for each day at the camp along with 'Home Learning'.

Parents are encouraged to participate in the program and extend their child's learning to the home.


Here's a parents view on our Inspire Curriculum...


"I am impressed and really like that with this form you are including parent participation each day with our children. I believe this is so important. Most all of the summer camps that we have gone to, do not. In fact other than what my children tell me about camp... I really have no idea what (ALL) they have been taught. : ( Thank you for providing this information for each day and encouraging parent/child interaction each day after camp to talk about what was learned each day!"


: ) ~Warm regards, Joyce




If you have any further questions please contact our office at (855) UK SOCCER